PSIM (Physical Security Information System) is a software category offering:

  • Integration of multiple unassociated security applications and devices;
  • Correlation of information generated by such applications and devices;
  • Multiple system control and management with the help of a single user interface.

The application of the PSIM allows various organizations to benefit from a significant increase in security through:

  • Improved situational awareness;
  • Appropriate event classification;
  • Immediate response to occurring events;
  • Option to develop appropriate operational and strategic decisions;
  • Advanced analysis of events, procedures, and security policies;

on the basis of previously unrelated information generated by a heterogeneous security system environment available in real time as part of a uniform, ergonomic user interface.


WinGuard is a neutral and open IT platform that generates multiple unassociated security systems by controlling them via a uniform user interface.

The WinGuard is defined as PSIM+ software which makes it a solution that extends way beyond the boundaries of standard visualizations by offering an advanced integration option for all security system, industrial system, sector-specific application, building automation or communication technologies.

Over 1400 projects completed in more than 70 countries allow WinGuard to be considered a leader in the PSIM system market worldwide.

The system is manufactured by Advancis Software.