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Intercom systems

Commend products portfolio covers all products allowing for the intercom communication, starting from simple point to point workstations and ending with complex communication systems. Based on the proven system of blocks, the offered solutions are perfectly tailored to the individual needs of users.

Company labs throughout the year run at full speed, and specialists in hardware, software, and development work together to meet the demands of the market and create the highest quality intercoms from initial conception to the final product.

Existing products are also subject to continuous development and optimization. First of all, they are adapted to the continuously growing needs and demands of the customers. The result of this work covers products that are highly appreciated by customers because of their reliability and the ability to integrate the latest solutions with the older generations.

The offer includes:

  • special Help Point columns with integrated emergency equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers or defibrillators)
  • cash intercoms
  • intercom workstations with integrated video camera that enables the preview of locks, doors and gates
  • intercom workstations with the possibility to control an access to doors, gates and barriers
  • intercom workstations for areas with the high hazard of explosion (ATEX certificate)
  • intercom workstations resistant to disinfectants, suitable for use in therapeutic areas and operating rooms, compatible with the EU Directive of EN 60601-1.
  • information workstations and the emergency call workstations, waterproof and vandal resistant
  • intercom workstations used in elevators, at entrance gates and entrances to buildings
  • user interfaces (eg. for industrial control panels or touch screens)

Intercoms can:

  • deliver voice messages, emergency calls and broadcast announcements with the crystalline purity of sound
  • deliver emergency voice messages and service the evacuation procedure
  • record the intercom calls
  • provide the audio monitoring service - acoustic monitoring with adjustable start of auto-trigger (eg. voice-activated calls or automated alarms)
  • automatically switch CCTV, connect signal lights, sirens, etc.
  • serve the conference calls for production lines ('Party Line' functions)
  • forward calls to mobile devices such as mobile phones or two-way radios
  • securely connect landline, DECT and mobile telephony systems.
  • integrate mobile radio systems, allowing for hands-free communication between departments, eg. emergency and trauma
  • integrate with TETRA system, selective telephone and radio calls
  • integrate with access control system, CCTV, IDS, VoIP and OPC.