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Fire alarm system

Fire alarm system

The most important safety system installed inside facilities is the fire alarm system (FAS, AFAS). It is generally used to detect, signal and alert of a fire hazard, as well as to execute several control functions.

The control function guarantees smooth evacuation of people from a building and prevents fire spreading. In addition, FAS also serves for information and monitoring purposes executed by the fire alarm control panel and appropriate input/output modules. The system is capable of detecting a fire in its incipient stage, and consequently assures protection of life and minimises material losses.

Detnov systems are primarily used in public and commercial buildings. Appropriate design, selection of infallible system and correct implementation of building services are essential to assure formal and technical conformity with binding applicable regulations to guarantee to the investor a positive final completion inspection of the facility by the State Fire Service (SFS).

Detnov occupies a leading position on the international market of fire alarm systems. During the two decades of its operation, the producer has acquired many satisfied customers. The main features of the addressable fire alarm system include simplicity, infallibility and intuitive handling. Design, complementarity and functionality have been combined to establish perfect products, particularly in places in which there is a need of maintaining balance between safety and aesthetic values.

This system assures:

  • fire detection with the use of a wide assortment of sensors
  • alerting o fire hazard via loop and conventional signalling elements 
  • execution of control functions via input/output modules with integrated insulator
  • possibility of applying wireless loop elements
  • fully digital and addressable loop elements
  • visualisation of occurring events in real time