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Fiber optic system

ACE is a complete system consisting of components for the construction of modern fiber networks, produced by TKH Group companies. This system is more than just products. ACE is an approach for a complex realization of the particular design in the field of passive components.

ACE can be adapted to the existing network infrastructure to create a reliable network that enables the integration of multimedia applications, data transmission and telephone. This solution is especially good in places where carrying out the works is associated with high costs, the necessity to obtain additional permits, administrative and spatial constraints (e.g. in city centers).

It should be emphasized that TKH, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, controls the entire production process of fiber optic cables. TKH Holding has founded a joint venture company with Japan's Shin-Etsu company which provides preforms for the production of fibers.

Cables offered by us are certified by independent laboratories - the Institute of Communications and OrangeLabs.

Within the system we offer:

  • Backbone, distribution and access optical networks
  • Fiber optic networks in microcanalization technology
  • Fiber optic networks in ADSS technology
  • Subscriber FTTH fiber optic networks for single-family houses
  • Subscriber FTTH fiber optic networks for multi-family houses
  • The application of link covers in repair, connections and branching cables for fiber optics,
  • Housings and distribution frames for the construction of external and internal fiber optic networks