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Alarm system

Alphavision SWiN professional system, created as part of TKH Group detects intruders or receives information about the assault in the shortest possible time, while minimizing the risk of false alarms. As part of the solution, there are two IDS exchanges available - AlphaVision XL (Grade 3) and AlphaVision ML (Grade 2). Portfolio of AlphaVision systems, besides the exchanges covers the full range of devices, among others: line expanders, control manipulators, dialers and a wide range of detectors. This allows you to create a complete system ensuring the complete users safety. AlphaVision systems variety allows for a full system adjustment to the requirements of the installation. AlphaVision systems are fully scalable, so that the investor can develop a system taking into account the new rooms or buildings.

Functionality of the system:

  • detection of intruders using different types of detectors
  • signaling of assault attempt by the system user
  • transmission of alarm information using various transmission media - IP, PSTN, GSM networks
  • full visualization of detectors and zones condition on the synoptic map
  • management from the level of visualization, manipulators or access control readers
  • full compliance with the standards for IDS systems of grades 2 and 3 (EN 50131)
  • integration with access control system (automatic arming and disarming of zones)
  • interactive and clear procedure for emergency action
  • transmission of alarm information via e-mail and sms
  • scalable exchanges, in which the number of surveillance zones is closely adjusted to the requirements of the investor
  • expansion modules allowing to connect both cable and wireless detectors
  • the ability to combine multiple exchanges into one integrated security system