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Active devices

A leading manufacturer in the group of active network solutions is the Edge-Core Networks company which is included in the Accton group (the largest Taiwanese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, a leader in the production of OEM / ODM, cooperating with the biggest telecoms and leading brands for over 26 years). Edge-Core philosophy assumes providing customers with comprehensive network solutions covering the individual layers of the network starting from access points and ending on the backbone networks. Edge-Core products cover all leading segments of the market.

The solutions provide:

  • efficient backbone and access connections with guaranteed rate of 10 and 40 Gigabit on uplink ports
  • duality and power redundancy for the series of core and access switches
  • a series of switches that support PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) with increased power budget
  • support for the latest mechanisms of network reconfiguration in the ring and double star topology
  • support for mechanisms limiting unwanted video traffic within the band
  • advanced protections securing network and data by granting an access only to authorized users
  • series of switches and media converters adapted to the operation at a low temperature
  • series of switches with passive cooling and unique connectors for the integration with access control system
  • devices for wireless networks, supporting the latest technologies of protection at the Personal and Enterprise level