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Access control system

Sirius access control system has been created as part of TKH Group. Access control is a key security system, restricting freedom of movement around the premises by unauthorized persons. Thanks to the freely configurable access schedules and advanced functionalities, it is possible to fully adapt the system to the investor’s requirements. Additionally, the system allows to monitor users movement within the premises of the building, which, among others significantly improves evacuation actions. Sirius system allows to connect both cable and wireless readers. Portfolio covers a wide range of card readers (proximity and long-range), network controllers, door controllers and actuators.

Functionality of the system:

  • managing user access to the premises
  • monitoring of people moving around the building
  • counting people staying in individual rooms
  • guest service and personalization of access cards
  • remote control and visualization of individual devices and access control zones
  • dynamic change of access privileges in a real time
  • advanced security features protecting against improper use of the card
  • intelligent drivers acting alone and buffering event information
  • access readers supporting various contactless technologies and communication protocols
  • integration with IDS, RCP systems, meeting room management and building automation management
  • flexible development of access control system with another rooms or buildings