State Administration

Monitoring and management of all systems from one operator’s workstation

  • visualization in the security room of the condition of individual components of the office security system
  • management of all systems from a single SMS platform
  • common events database for all security systems
  • events correlation between the individual systems

Access control

  • protection against unauthorized access to routes and key compartments, including server room and technical areas
  • access control at elevators granting special powers to individual floors of the building
  • functions increasing the reliability of the system, among others anti-passback at gates at the entrance part of the building
  • change of the mode of readers, swing gates and tripods from the visualization level

Detection of intrusion and assault

  • installation of panic buttons at the front desk stations
  • assault signalization by guards using wireless panic buttons
  • protection of technical premises with security motion detectors
  • full visualization of detectors and zones condition on the security workstation

Video monitoring of the facility

  • video surveillance of the office outdoor areas (parking, entrance to the building)
  • visual monitoring of passages and key office premises
  • observation of high-quality "live" image by security staff
  • the use of image analysis algorithms, including the recognition of license plates

Working time recording

  • recording of officials and other administrative staff working time
  • support for special activities, e.g. private leave, business leave, business trip, etc.
  • system of employees working time reports generation
  • integration with human resources and payroll systems used by the office

Parking Management

  • management of access to the office parking for employees and applicants
  • assurance of the sufficient number of space for people with disabilities
  • access control within the parking realized on the basis of long-range readers or analysis of license plates
  • communication with security and parking service via intercom system

Intercom communication

  • communication with intercoms in the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint architecture
  • collective messages broadcasting divided into different parts of the building
  • desktop stations in the secretarial staff, security room and reception office
  • recording of the chosen intercom conversations in correlation with the image from a CCTV camera

Service for visitors

  • the possibility of preparing access cards for visitors, VIP guests or trainees
  • advanced booking of the corresponding number of parking spaces
  • monitoring of the visitors movement around the building

Monitoring of environmental conditions

  • monitoring of environmental parameters in selected rooms
  • support for a wide range of measuring instruments, among others of temperature, humidity, flooding, etc.
  • generation of alarms in case of conditions identified as critical, for example too high temperature
  • automatic control of other systems components (e.g. fans switch on)

Automation control

  • power management concerning office compartments from the access control readers
  • management of the operation of elevators and barriers (gates) from readers or visualization
  • integration by use of dedicated protocols or by hard-contact method

Reading and visualization of weather conditions

  • reading and visualization of outdoor temperature
  • reading of other parameters e.g. thickness of the snow layer on the roof, etc.
  • activation of building components, e.g. windows, doors, roller blinds, etc.

Remote management of facilities (SecAAS)

  • management of distributed office facilities safety from one location
  • receiving alarm information from various locations and optimization of emergency operation procedures
  • full security of transmitted data by use of advanced encryption protocols

Protection of outdoor area

  • full monitoring of the area outside the office
  • intrusion monitoring using perimeter protection systems
  • the use of sensory cables and barriers
  • integration of perimeter security with video surveillance system

IP networks for security systems

  • efficient switches working in Gigabit Ethernet standard
  • the high-level of the reliability of action
  • PoE technology (power over Ethernet)
  • possibility of applying redundant power packs
  • constant availability and advanced QoS functions

Data Transmission

  • efficient data transmission in Ethernet networks from 100Mb/sec. up to 100 Gb/sec.
  • efective management of patch cables in 19" rack cabinets
  • easy to reconfiguration patch cables
  • failure protection of inused prots (RJ45)
  • reliability cofirmed by 25-year period guarantee

Integration with the third systems

  • elevator control systems
  • fire alarm system
  • key management system
  • monitoring of evironmental conditions system