Sport and culture

Video monitoring

  • specially designed cameras with high resolution and the freedom of movement of the optical module for the monitoring of event participants in accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Interior Affairs and Administration
  • correlating the ticket number with the video material with face of its holder
  • storage of video and audio recordings from each event for a minimum 60 days
  • functions supporting fast and intuitive framing of behaviour of the so-called football hooligans

Intercom communication

  • assurance of the reliable voice communication with SOS points localized in the stands
  • intercom stations adapted to the operating environment and the point of installation
  • call system in toilets for the people with disabilities

Monitoring and management of all systems from one operator’s workstation

  • common visualization and management of all the security and communication systems of the stadium from a single location
  • automatic transfer of all powers to the facility security services in the work mode beyond the mass event
  • synoptic map presenting in a clear manner the different parts of the stadium

Parking Management

  • management of an access to the parking lot with the division into zones assigned to particular stands
  • assurance of the sufficient number of space for people with disabilities
  • control of an access to the parking area, realized on the basis of card, ticket or analysis of license plates

Access control

  • control of access to teams' cloakroom, VIP box, detention room and other administrative compartments
  • integration of access control with the system of tickets installed on winches
  • the possibility to use the special security features, including anti-passback, lock
  • viewer identification based on the card, PIN or biometric feature

Protection of outdoor area

  • video surveillance of the outside and parking area
  • detection of passage through the fence in an unauthorized location
  • the use of sensory cables, video analytics or infrared barriers

Reading and visualization of weather conditions

  • reading of the thickness of snow layer on the roof of the stadium
  • measurement of temperature and humidity in the basin of the stadium

Monitoring of environmental conditions

  • monitoring of environmental parameters in sever rooms and administrative rooms
  • support for a wide range of measuring devices, among others of temperature, humidity, flooding, etc.
  • generation of alarms in case of conditions identified as critical, for example too high temperature

Service for visitors

  • the possibility of previous preparation of access cards for conference or training participants
  • booking of the corresponding number of parking spaces
  • monitoring of the visitors movement around the building
  • opening the entry barrier after recognizing license plates of the previously submitted vehicle

Detection of intrusion and assault

  • signalling of an unauthorized entry to server rooms and operators centre
  • automatic arming and disarming of the security zones based on the facility use schedule
  • sending alarm information to the facility security department
  • management from the visualization, keyboards or access control readers

Automation control

  • management of the activation of elevator keys from readers
  • change the stadium automation parameters after the previous authorization of the user’s access card
  • management of barrier from the visualization level

Working time recording

  • stadium administrative employees working time recording
  • advanced reporting system
  • integration with HR and payroll system

WiFi network

  • reliable wireless networks for large usable areas
  • networks built in the support about dual channel access points
  • simulataneous managing many access points from the level of the move controller
  • service to 500 cordless access points
  • In case of damaging one access point, remaining points are adopting its role in the system
  • accrediting users through the authorisation portal (Captive portal)

Integration with the third systems

  • elevator control systems
  • fire alarm system
  • key management system
  • monitoring of environmental conditions system