Public transportation

Intercom communication and radio-relay centre

  • integration with the telephone exchange and mobile devices and TETRA telephony used by service staff and with DSO systems (in tunnels)
  • voice communication with the use of SOS points (adapted to the needs of people with disabilities) in tunnels and along the highway
  • autonomous intercoms dedicated to service at tolling stations (PPO)
  • communication between the monitoring centres and tolling stations (PPO)

Video monitoring

  • the use of cameras and encoders with a direct connection to fibre optic cabling to increase fault and electromagnetic interferences resistance
  • counting vehicles using smart image analysis with the division into lorries and passenger cars
  • correlation of information coming from the smart image analysis with ITS system to relieve traffic jams and to increase the flow
  • detection of security-threatening situations (e.g. driving toward traffic, vehicle stop, smoke detection in tunnel) with smart image analysis

Remote management of facilities (SecAAS)

  • remote management of all components of the system, regardless of the operator’s location
  • management of individual sections of roads from several dedicated workstations, located in monitoring centres
  • mobile surveillance centres to ensure efficient management in case of emergency situations
  • immediate response to alarm signals in a distributed infrastructure in correlation with the image of the nearest camera

Reading and visualization of weather conditions

  • reading and visualization temperature on the road and in the air
  • reading of the thickness of snow layer on the road or on the roof
  • integration with information boards for road participants - information about weather conditions, accidents, traffic jams

Automation control

  • automatic opening of the barrier on the highway for emergency vehicles
  • management of the barrier in the tolling station (PPO)
  • integration with passenger information system

Access control

  • protection against unauthorized entry to the zones intended for technical personnel of tunnel and highway service
  • securing the technical area from an access of unauthorized people thanks to the identification of access card in correlation with face analysis in smart image analysis
  • dynamic change of access permissions for a particular zone within a given time period
  • flexible development of access control system with another rooms or buildings

Detection of intrusion and assault

  • intruders detection by detectors in rooms onsite and offsite
  • sending alarm information to the security department
  • panic buttons for discrete signalling of robbery and theft within the tolling stations on highways
  • full visualization of detectors and zones condition on the security workstation

Monitoring and management of all systems from one operator’s workstation

  • management of systems located in various locations from one place
  • SMS application accessible from a web browser, correlated with the SCADA tunnel service system
  • the use of a secure SSL encryption to communicate with the server

Monitoring of environmental conditions

  • reading and visualization of environmental parameters in cabinets and technical cabinets along the highway and inside the tunnel
  • support for a wide range of measuring devices, among others of temperature, humidity, flooding, etc.
  • generation of alarms in case of conditions identified as critical, for example too high temperature

Working time recording

  • service staff working time recording
  • support for special activities, e.g. private leave, medical visit, etc.
  • advanced reporting system