Office buildings

Access control

  • employees access control, possibility to enter only to the authorized premises
  • tracking of people flow inside the building and access to elevators
  • visitors service as part of a temporary access card
  • monitoring of the status and management of keys depositors systems
  • flexible development of access control system with another rooms or buildings

Monitoring and management of all systems from one operator’s workstation

  • Integration of all security systems, common visualization and management of systems from the surveillance room
  • remote access to the system via the Internet
  • location of people using their access cards
  • three-dimensional visualization
  • the use of a secure SSL encryption to communicate with the server

Video monitoring of the facility

  • video monitoring of the area outside the building
  • visual monitoring of passages and key compartments in the building
  • observation of high-quality "live" image by security staff,
  • analysis of the license plates of cars entering the parking lot
  • registration of unauthorized people entering the building

Detection of intrusion and assault

  • signalling of attempt to enter the office by unauthorized people
  • alarm signal transmission to the notification centre
  • full visualization of detectors and zones condition on the security workstation
  • automatic arming and disarming of the security zones based on the planned schedule
  • protection of cars in a parking garage

Intercom communication and radio-relay centre

  • voice communication in access and escape locations of the facility,
  • broadcasting of collective or individual messages or background music
  • communication with the emergency and information points within the campus area
  • call system in toilets for the people with disabilities
  • intercom on-wall or desktop stations, adapted to various applications

Working time recording

  • Employees working time recording
  • Integration with HR system
  • detection of employee entrance and leave using cards and long-range RFID readers

Parking Management

  • management of employees and visitors access to the car park
  • checking the busy state of the parking lot
  • opening the parking gates on the basis of license plates analysis
  • reservation of parking spaces through the Internet

Service for visitors

  • the possibility of previous preparation of access cards for conference or training participants
  • booking of the corresponding number of parking spaces
  • monitoring of the visitors movement around the building
  • the use of cards drop at the exits from the building and exits from the parking area for faster service of taking visitors cards process

Automation control

  • switching on the air conditioning in the office at the time of approaching cards to the door opening reader
  • access to the elevators using the cards of access control system
  • switching on the lighting in the room at the time of detecting the RFID card inside the room

Remote management of facilities (SecAAS)

  • integrated system of securing company branches in different cities
  • security management from a single location
  • one porter receives alarms from different locations
  • reduced expenditures on management equipment and operation

Monitoring of environmental conditions

  • monitoring of environmental parameters in selected rooms
  • support for a wide range of measuring instruments, among others of temperature, humidity, flooding, etc.
  • generation of alarms in case of conditions identified as critical, for example too high temperature
  • automatic control of other systems components (e.g. switching on fans)

Reading and visualization of weather conditions

  • reading and visualization of outdoor temperature
  • reading of other parameters e.g. thickness of the snow layer on the roof, etc.
  • activation of building components, e.g. windows, doors, roller blinds, etc.

Protection of outdoor area

  • full monitoring of the outside area
  • intrusion monitoring using perimeter protection systems
  • the use of sensory cables and barriers
  • integration of perimeter security with video surveillance system

WiFi network

  • reliable wireless networks for large usable areas
  • networks built in the support about dual channel access points
  • simulataneous managing many access points from the level of the move controller
  • service to 500 cordless access points
  • in case of damaging one access point, remaining points are adopting its role in the system
  • accrediting users through the authorisation portal (Captive portal)

Data Transmission

  • efficient data transmission in Ethernet networks from 100 Mb/sec. up to 100 Gb/sec.
  • fiber optics warrant access to multimedia services
  • high RJ45 keystone port density in patch panels
  • High load capacity of server cabinets
  • economic ang safe physical infrastructure in Data Center