Multi-family residential buildings

Detection of intrusion and assault

  • signalling of an attempt to enter to the flat by unauthorized people
  • automatic arming and disarming of the security zones based on the planned schedule
  • alarm signal transmission to the notification centre
  • protection of cars in an underground parking

Cabling for multimedia services

  • high-speed internet joints thanks to the use of fibre optics
  • distribution of multimedia signals (internet, TV, telephone) to individual rooms in an apartment
  • easy access to RTV / SAT signals through the collective antenna installations
  • boxes and cabling to ensure the functionality in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Management on technical conditions to be met by multi-family buildings

Video monitoring of the housing estate

  • video monitoring of the housing estate and staircases
  • analysis of the license plates of cars entering the housing estate
  • registration of unauthorized people entering the blocks of flats
  • monitoring of the environment by the residents on the TV screen

Access control

  • control of an access to flats and parking
  • limiting the intrusions of unauthorized persons to the housing estate area
  • automatic control of the intrusion and assault signalling system
  • flexible development of access control system with another buildings

Parking Management

  • management of an access to the land and underground parking
  • verification and presentation of a busy state of the parking lot
  • access control within the parking realized on the basis of long-range readers or analysis of license plates
  • communication with porter’s lodge using the intercom system

Automation control

  • opening the barrier to entry to the housing estate
  • automatic gates opening
  • air conditioning or lighting control

Service for visitors

  • the possibility of previous preparation of access cards for visitors
  • booking of the corresponding number of parking spaces
  • monitoring of the visitors movement around the building
  • opening the entry barrier after recognizing license plates of the previously submitted vehicle

Intercom communication

  • voice and video communication with people visiting residents
  • collective messages broadcasting
  • communication with people serving the parking
  • Internet radio playing inside the building

Remote management of facilities (SecAAS)

  • the operator may manage all the system components, regardless of his location
  • data transmission through the IP network

Reading and visualization of weather conditions

  • reading and visualization of outdoor temperature
  • reading of other parameters e.g. thickness of the snow layer on the roof, etc.
  • activation of building components, e.g. windows, doors, roller blinds, etc.

Monitoring of environmental conditions

  • monitoring of environmental parameters in server rooms
  • support for a wide range of measuring devices, among others of temperature, humidity, flooding, etc.
  • generation of alarms in case of conditions identified as critical, for example too high temperature

Protection of outdoor area

  • video surveillance of building facade in the area of the main entrances and escape exits,
  • full monitoring of the area around the facility