Intercom communication and radio center

  • point-to-point and point-to-many points communication
  • broadcasting the group announcement with itemization of part of a given hall
  • calling/searching for people in distant parts of the departure lounge Integration with telephone exchange, mobile devices,
  • integration of the system with TETRA telephony used by the airport services
  • voice communication using SOS points friendly to physically challenged people through induction loop for people hard of hearing
  • independent intercoms dedicated to the passenger’s service in cash desks

External area security

  • monitoring the intrusion to the airport territory by using the perimeter protection system
  • using sensor inground and on-fence cables and infrared barrier and microwaves
  • integration of perimeter protection with vision monitoring system and SMS
  • detection of intruders around the runway through the intelligent image analysis based on the visual monitoring cameras
  • integration with radar system and long-distance cameras (a/o thermal imaging)

Monitoring and management of all systems from a single operator’s position

  • management of systems located in various buildings in the airport area from one place
  • SMS application available from the Internet browser level,
  • using secured SSL encryption for the communication with the server

Visual monitoring of the object

  • full visual monitoring of the airport area, among others the passenger terminal, airplane hangars and airport traffic control tower,
  • live observation of high-quality image by the local security staff or at the monitoring center
  • security of the recording thanks to the equipment redundancy
  • using the image analysis algorithms, a/o face and license plate detection, or items appearing and disappearing in the departure lounge
  • monitoring the movement of airplanes, people or vehicles on the airport apron

Access control

  • access control of particular rooms of the terminal or the specified technical building, e.g. hangar,
  • dynamic change of access authorizations for specific zone in a given period of time,
  • flexible expansion of access control system with another rooms or buildings,
  • monitoring the people flow on the territory of the terminal and technical buildings.

Intrusion detection system

  • detection of intruders through a number of advanced detectors
  • information on the assault released by special assault buttons
  • immediate sending of the information regarding the alarm to the security department and any other remote location
  • full visualization of detectors and zones’ status on the security position.

Automation control

  • air conditioning or lighting control,
  • access control to the elevators,
  • control of escalators and pavements systems,
  • controlling the building elements, e.g. windows, doors, etc.

Parking management

  • access control in the parking area implemented based on long-range readers or license plate analysis,
  • management of the barrier from the level of central visualization,
  • limiting the number of parking spots for specific groups of users,
  • providing the travelers with parking access authorization with timing advance value based on license plate detection.

Working time registration

  • working time registration of staff itemizing the employees
  • support for simultaneous service of many companies
  • support of special activities, e.g. private exit, leaving to the doctor, etc.
  • advanced system of reports generation.

Reading and visualization of weather conditions

  • reading and visualization of temperature outside the building,
  • reading the thickness of snow cover on the roof of the terminal, etc.
  • flood and humidity readers in the rooms

Monitoring of environmental conditions – special rooms

  • reading and visualization of environmental parameters in server room and other rooms significant to the client,
  • supporting wide range of meters, a/o temperature, humidity, flood, etc.
  • generating the alarms in case of conditions described as critical, e.g. too high temperature.

Remote management of the objects (SecAAS)

  • management of individual zones of the airport with control provided by the security services from a few dedicated workstations placed in the whole airport area
  • possibility of remote management from any external location. Data transmission through local TCP/IP networks and the Internet
  • supporting various mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, among others)

WiFi network

  • reliable wireless networks for large usable areas
  • networks built in the support about dual channel access points
  • simulataneous managing many access points from the level of the move controller
  • service to 500 cordless access points
  • in case of damaging one access point, remaining points are adopting its role in the system
  • accrediting users through the authorisation portal (Captive portal)

Integration with the third systems

  • elevator control systems
  • fire alarm system
  • key management system
  • monitoring of environmental conditions system