Franowo – Poznan tram depot

Tram depot - one of the most modern in Europe is fully automated and occupies an area of 17 hectares. On the approximately 13 km of track it is possible to arrange 100 trams, and in the future, the object can be expanded to a capacity of 150 sets.

Installed equipment:

  • VMS CCTV – VDG Sense platform
  • iProtect platform
  • Edge-Core active devices
  • LAN utility network
  • Commend intercoms
  • Kirk DECT wireless telephony
  • MMC structural cabling


The idea of the assumption of the largest tram depot, created from the beginning, is the "management of itself". All this is possible thanks to the innovative DMS (Depot Management System), on a national scale. DMS concept is the correlation of timetable with automatic control onto which track in the depot the tram has to enter in order to go to the Poznan track at the right time.

According to the idea of "trust and control", it was necessary to equip the DMS system automation with the work quality verification system. Such requirements perfectly fit into modern security systems that enable distributed architecture, management of large and very large facilities, as well as they provide a wide range of integration between complementary security systems and technological processes automation or building management systems.

In case when the tram has a failure and it must be returned to the depot, the system will direct it to the repair workshop. Employees of the workshop will receive information about the failure before the tram reaches the depot. This is possible thanks to integrated broadcasting system. This system is based on the intercom or wireless (in case of personalized messages) DECT digital telephony. Such a system also acts as a paging or alarm device which is a key matter for the protection of property, as well as the health or life of employees of the facility.

Requirement for each newly created innovative facility, as Franowo depot, is to protect the property. This task is dedicated to systems of intrusion, assault, access control signaling or video surveillance and in case of such a vast area of the facility - the system of intelligent perimeter protection.

Why security systems of C&C?

Installed security systems use TCP / IP network for the purpose of communication. The network is based on a star topology, built on high-performance Edge-Core switches.

In case of CCTV system based on VDG Sense management platform, the image analysis function, consisting of continuous monitoring of the scope of scene observation of the scene by the camera was used. If you change the viewing angle or cover the lens or when the image is blurred, the system automatically informs operator about this fact.

The culmination of the resistance feature is the architecture of the iProtect Integrated System of Safety Management. Thanks to this, the controller is able to independently manage access control within the connected door controllers.

Voice communication functionality of extremely pure sound in OpenDuplex technology, in the band of 16 kHz is ensured by the Commend Integrated Communication System. This system acts as both communication and paging or rescue unit in emergency situations. Support for intercom system is realized by the DECT Kirk digital telephony system which ensures an instant contact with the mechanics.

Key Benefits

  • a complete image of the current condition of security system on the interactive synoptic map
  • control of the DMS depot management system processes by the safety systems
  • integration of traditional security systems of SKD, Intrusion and Assault Signalling, CCTV systems with less common systems as parametric perimeter protection and intercom communication systems
  • ensuring the consistent; unified security system based on the full integration of the systems offered by C&C Partners
  • management of the entire security system with a single operator’s workstation
  • tamper resistance

Expert’s statement

The challenge in the project design and subsequent system implementation was the connection of working people safety and protection of property within the wide facility together with the support of the automation of DMS system. The goal was accomplished thanks to C&C Partners safety systems, representing the highest level of technical sophistication. Thanks to this, the protection has an automatic insight into the condition of the facility using cameras, fence perimeter security, access control system and the intrusion and assault signaling system. The entire process is event-driven. Protection does not search the wide amounts of material but it responds to alarm events visualized on the iProtect synoptic map or on the video material correlated with the particular event on the monitor. An important advantage of the system is the fact, that due to the open architecture and scalability of the systems, it can be in the future freely developed and integrated with new systems on site - all this in order to make work faster, easier and safer.

Tomasz Smoczyk, C&C Partners, Product Manager