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Marshal Office in Poznan - Description of references

Opened at the end of 2014, the new large building of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region includes all of the office departments that until now were distributed in several buildings in Poznan. In the 14-storey office building (including 2 floors of underground parking) in addition to the space for the offices, two floors were intended for services. The total area of the building is almost 30 thousands m2.

Installed equipment:

  • iProtect platform
  • AlphaVision system
  • VMS – VDG Sense platform
  • Siqura cameras
  • Commend intercoms


To secure such a large office space against unauthorized entry it is possible to use the SALTO system of wireless access control where the readers of access control are integrated with signboards installed in the door. The use of Sirius access control system, in addition to securing communication routes and selected rooms, make it also possible to fully monitor the people movement. This enables to improve the possible evacuation actions and verification of people presence in particular locations (e.g. on the day of the theft).

Work time recording module of iProtect platform allows you to monitor the working time of several hundred employees of the office and external companies.

Intelligent detection and verification of alarm events

When the facility is as large as the building of the Marshal Office, the key was to automate the detection and alarm events verification processes. Alarm events detection is mainly carried out by detectors connected to the AlphaVision XL Intrusion and Assault signaling exchange. Then, the information about the alarm is displayed on the operator’s workstation in SMS iProtect platform. The operator receives clear information about the type of alarm and the source of alarm on the synoptic map along with a preview from the correlated IP camera of the video surveillance. In addition, a clear instruction of proceeding is presented in form of interactive procedure steps depending on the type and location of the alarm.

Efficient support of such a large number of cameras is possible thanks to the VMS VDG Sense platform which allows you to define the presentation of images from the cameras in form of views (displayed on multiple monitors). The operator is able to freely move between the particular views.

Why Commend?

Effective communication between the different parts of the building is ensured by Commend intercom communication system. Over 80 intercom units communicate with each other within the infrastructure of TCP / IP network with one central server. The system enables the communication with any intercom unit (point - point) or a group of intercom units e.g. broadcast an information about the alarm (point to multi-point). The use of IP telephone exchange also allows for the further communication with the classic landlines and mobiles.

Key Benefits

  • maximum automation of the process of detection and verification of an alarm event
  • the possibility to use the wireless and wired readers (depending on the type of room) within one access control system
  • uniform base of events for all security systems to facilitate search and verification of individual events
  • effective support of the large number of cameras thanks to analytics features and possibility to adjust the view to the operator’s demands
  • different types of executing devices (readers, cameras, intercoms) adapted to the conditions and needs of the individual rooms and locations.

Expert’s statement

The biggest challenge in the realization of the security system for the building of the Marshal Office in Poznan was the high complexity of the object, which combines the features of an office building and service facility with the large surface area and cubic capacity. This required great flexibility of security systems within the scope of installation, configuration and use of traditional network protocols - TCP / IP.

With such a large system, the key task was to ensure the efficient operation for almost two thousand executing components. The system must provide virtually instantaneous response to the occurrence of an alarm event without any delay. iProtect SMS platform and all the other component systems fully met all the posed requirements.

Maciej Flis, Product Manager, C&C Partners