Parking lot at Arkadia Shopping Mall in Warsaw (Poland)

Arkadia Shopping Mall is visited by about 20 million customers each year.  Approximately 118 000 m2 of retail space is occupied by some 260 stores, including flagship stores of the most popular brands, a wide range of services as well as cafes and restaurants serving dishes of many world cuisines.  The second floor of the mall houses an entertainment centre including a Cinema City multiplex with 15 screens as well as a children's play ground.  The centre features a parking lot with 4022 parking spaces. 

Equipment installed:

  • 1162 innovative M4 sensors with illuminated identification of parking space status
  • 1850 permanent surveillance cameras that monitor each parking space
  • 56 characters of variable content to assist parking navigation 

Challenges faced

According to the survey, for 84% of shopping mall customers the availability of parking space is crucial.   This is why it is so important make sure that a parking lot's “contribution” to the first and last impressions of the customer from a visit to a shopping mall - made the customer come again quickly.  The problem of finding a parking space has two important aspects.  One of these aspects is the number of available parking spaces, while the other one involves proper management of parking spaces.

Why Park Assist system?

With LED sensors drivers are assisted in finding available parking spaces.  The number of available parking spaces is indicated by special totems at the entrance to the parking lot while displays (screens) in the alleys indicate the available parking spaces in various parts of the parking lot.

Major benefits:

  • indication of available parking spaces
  • assistance/direction to an available parking space (reduced parking time)
  • assistance in finding a parked car after contacting Mall security 
  • evaluation of data which enables searching for events, cars at a specific  moment of time
  • knowledge on customers, analysis of customer behaviour (where they come from, how frequent their visits are and how much time they spend in the Mall, occupancy of the parking lot, etc.)

Expert’s view

As experienced experts in parking and security systems as well as an exclusive representative of Park Assist in Poland, we share the ways in which your competitive advantage may improve based on parking solutions. So that a parking lot's “contribution” to the first and last impressions of the customer from a visit to a shopping mall is as good as it gets.

Damian Dopiera, Investment and Parking Director at C&C Partners