Office and residential buildings

Office and residential buildings

Office building of Polski KOKS company

Put into operation at the beginning of 2013, a new office building of Polski KOKS company is a model of a modern office building. The building consists of 6 floors, including the underground garage. Total rooms area possible to be arranged is 6,200 m2. In addition to offices, the building also includes extensive conference rooms. Polski KOKS company, belonging to the group of JSW, is a leading exporter of coke in the world.

Installed equipment

  • iProtect platform
  • VMS – VDG Sense platform
  • Commend intercoms


Investor required the high safety level and aesthetic image of the devices due to the representative nature of the facility.

Within the premises of the facility, the access control system was installed. It fully protects the facility against the entry of unauthorized persons. The system uses advanced security features to protect against sabotage attempts, such as: AntyPassback or locking. The access control system has been expanded with working time recording functionality. In addition, on the basis of the long-range readers of HyperX (4m), it controls the entry of vehicles into the underground car park zone.

Within the office building premises, also the system of voice communication was implemented with the usage of advanced Commend intercoms. At parking barriers, vandal-resistant intercoms of C-S211VICM.C were installed and equipped with integrated IP camera. At the time when the unauthorized car is approaching the barrier, the video call is automatically established with the porter, located inside the building. Within the toilets area, there are additional wall intercoms installed that are equipped with emergency buttons.

On the premises of the facility, there is a system of intrusion and assault signaling which thanks to the use of advanced detectors ensures signaling of all threats within the rooms and passageways.

Why iProtect?

iProtect SMS safety management system fully met the investor’s requirements as the platform which integrates the key subsystems: Access Control, Intrusion and Assault Signalling, CCTV IP, parking and intercom management. The operator manager all these subsystem from a single operator’s workstation.

Achieved benefits

• maximum automation of the process of detection and verification of an alarm event

• a complete image of the current condition of security system on the interactive synoptic map

• uniform base of events for all security systems to facilitate search and verification of individual events

• integration between the implemented systems


The main objective of the investor was to create a fully integrated security system to ensure

complete safety of employees and visitors within the office building itself and outdoor areas (among others

parking space). The iProtect SMS system perfectly met the high requirements of the investor. All subsystems acting inside the facility communicate with each other on the basis of the TCP / IP protocol. This made it possible to optimize the number of cabling required to connect the individual elements of the security system. Although the heart of the system is iProtect server, each controller can operate independently which ensures high security, even in case of no communication between the controllers and the server.

Łukasz Pyka, Elproservice