Invasive Medicine Centre - University of Gdansk

Invasive Medicine Centre is one of the most modern, newly built hospital facilities in Poland. Inside the six-storey building of IMC, it is possible to hospitalize 311 patients at the same time in single and double bed rooms. At the hospital there are 197 parking spaces in the ground and underground garages. Ensuring full communication and access control within the whole vast medical facility was a major challenge.

Installed equipment:

  • iProtect platform
  • Commend intercoms


The system had to ensure full communication between the doctors and nurses offices, operating rooms and technical rooms. An additional goal was to establish communication with a helipad.

In addition to the communication tasks, the system had to also provide complete rooms access control. More than 150 passages were covered by the control.

The big challenge was to serve elevators access control. The system also allowed for the complete management of user access to the various floors of the building. Each elevator was equipped with access control reader. After applying the card to the reader, the user is able to select only floors to which he has an access right. In addition, the system supports access to the car parking (service of 7 barriers).

A very important advantage was the ability to fully visualize the status of individual devices located within the property (such as intercom stations, access control readers, Intrusion and Assault System) using a single control workstation consisting of two independent stations of preview.

Why Commend?

Its most important part is Commend Intercom System which provided full communication throughout the entire facility. A key role was also played by access control system that allowed full management of user access to specific parts of the facility.

The object was also equipped with C-WS800FD.C series intercoms that are resistant to dust, dirt and water jets. The special foil on the front panel prevents contamination and it can be quickly and easily cleaned with common cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Commend solution, thanks to the integration with elevators and parking systems allowed to fully manage an access to individual floors of the building and parking areas. Thanks to the intuitive software, it was possible to completely manage all devices included in the system from a single operator workstation.

Key Benefits:

  • Full communication between doctors and nurses offices and 20 operating rooms;
  • Access control applied at 120 passages, located within the entire facility;
  • Advanced management of the access control to the elevators and parking systems.

Expert’s statement


At the project realization phase, in collaboration with C&C, it was possible to update the system configuration from the designed and based on GE700 exchanges model to the latest and currently implemented GE800 system. During the design realization, the demand for integration Commend access control system with automation of elevators and entrance barriers occurred. Thanks to the possibilities of extending the system with expansion modules, the functionality has been carried out. The installed system meets the expectations of the investor and allows for further expansion.

Zdzislaw Flisikowski, Sprint, Project Manager


At the design stage, we have assumed that the IMC facility will be the newest and most modern facility of the University Clinical Center complex. The designed system had to provide reliable communication, safety and convenience in its use. Commend solution met the expectations of the user. The adjustment of the system to the specific hospital requirements played a great role in the selection of the suitable system. A very important element was the integration of intercom system with fixed telephony. Commend in very easy manner realizes the function of messages broadcasting to particular zones which is a big improvement in the hospital's operation. I would call revolutionary the solution of access to the individual clinics using proximity cards. Each user has its own card which grants him an access to the assigned zones. Due to the nature of the facility, it has very big significance in improving the staff work and patients safety. From the point of view of operating system services, a very important element is its flexibility, high level of software intuitiveness and ease of implementation of the particular components of the system.

Michał Dudo, University Clinical Center, IMC Technical Administrator