MSC Home Terminal in Antwerp

MSC HT is a container terminal.Every day, a wide range of shipments inside containers travel two kilometres along the waterfront.Then, the containers are divided between different transport means, such as:trucks, inland ships and rail transport.MSC capacity is estimated as 3.6 million TEU.

Installed equipment:

  • iProtect platform


Protection and safety are nowadays in the daily agenda in the organization of ports work, especially after the implementation of the ISPS code.The EU Directive forced a number of changes in the organization of port’s work and security.TKH Security has offered solutions both for the protection of the public accessible area and the assistance in improving freight transport logistics processes.

Integrated system, optimum safety

MSC HT has implemented an integrated solution for access control, visitor registration and video surveillance systems - iProtect platform. The system helps to control and manage access by barriers, gates and turnstiles. The scope of protection has been extended by an additional access control readers and cameras also placed at the buildings entrances.

Driver Access Card allows you to get access to this property, but it is also used for administrative and technical log purposes.

Employees and visitors

All employees of the Antwerp port use Alfapass card. Columns equipped with access control readers, cameras and intercoms were placed at the facility entrances. Intercoms and cameras allow you to verify visitors. In order to check the identity, visitors must first report to the main office and show proof of identity and then, they receive a temporary access card.

Truck drivers

Before entering the building, drivers must check in at the registration office where they approach Alfapass card or guest card to the reader. In this way, they register their identity and containers data. These information are stored in the central database. Then, drivers shall be informed about the individual gate to which they have to go to.

Future-proof solution

Thanks to its modularity and scalability, the iProtect platform is a solution which makes it possible to extend the system. MSC Home terminal has therefore a guarantee of well-secured future.