CEDROB Meat Processing Plant

CEDROB S.A. is a leader in the meat poultry products production. The registered office of the company is Ciechanów, where also main production plants work. The poultry slaughtering, butchering and meat processing are performed there. The plant in Niepołomice creates products for export, such as geese. Cedrob has its own animal farms and feed production plants.

Installed equipment:

  • VMS CCTV – VDG Sense platform
  • Edge-Core active devices
  • LAN security network
  • LAN utility network
  • SMS - iProtect system
  • MMC structural cabling


A distributed network of plants employing thousands of people requires a real efficiency in the management of both buildings, as well as human capital.

A necessary condition for the design realization was the integration of the time work recording system with the personnel - payroll system. The software has been prepared in accordance with the specification provided by the manufacturer of personnel – payroll system to ensure the exchange of information between the integrated safety management system and the system of human resources. Personal information about employees and work time recording events are subjected to synchronization.

Modern production requires modern solutions

The great importance in most industrial plants is the safety of people and property provided by modern CCTV systems composed of megapixel cameras enabling recording the image both around the plant and inside halls, under the most difficult lighting and environmental conditions. Intuitive operation of CCTV system is provided by video management system (VMS) of VDG Sense.

Protection of property is executed using an access control system and Intrusion and Assault Signalling System, based on the iProtect security management platform.

Reliability and data security

Implemented systems are based on a modern architecture, using transmission over TCP / IP protocol. The guarantee of uninterrupted availability, e.g. preview of the image from the cameras or the security of data exchanged between the time work recording system and personnel and payroll system can be ensured only using modern switches and offered Edgecore solutions based on gigabit connectivity technologies.

Key Benefits

  • systems of security, pass control, work time recording facilitate the management of the entire enterprise
  • production employees security control is ensured by the excellent quality cameras of VMS VDG Sense system
  • management of the entire security system with a single operator’s workstation
  • full image of the current safety condition of vast, distributed objects on the interactive synoptic map;

Expert’s statement

The most important issue was to create a system to manage a huge number of staff on the basis of the work time recording and access control system. Such a complex system, meeting exacting customer requirements could arise only on the basis of the discussions, observations that led to creation of a custom-made system and allowing for its scalability during the dynamic development of CEDROB company. All of this was possible thanks to the ability to create new solutions by software architects of our subsidiary - C&C Technology.

The perfect complement to the software are our other security systems such as iProtect safety management system, VMS video management system VDG Sense and LAN Edge-Core network management system.

Tomasz Smoczyk, Product Manager, C&C Partners