We are the place for those who think that the "minimum" is not enough.

Do you want to work for a company where your skills will be appreciated and used and you yourself will gain the opportunity to develop your potential? Well, you are lucky as this is also our objective!

C&C from the very beginning of its activity in 1992 focus on the balance between individualism and teamwork. We are a group of professionals who besides working on innovative solutions are also seeking to co-create an inspiring professional environment.

The TKH international projects allow us to widen horizons and develop our skills and an early identification of trends gives an opportunity to develop markets through the introduction of technologically advanced solutions. All this is managed by a team of professionals with extensive expertise and passion for rushing forward and exploring new paths. No talent is wasted at C&C and each and every one of us is the source of inspiration and great ideas for the others. We know that success is always the result of commitment and cooperation.

We are trying to continuously develop our team: we are looking for young talents at the beginning of their professional careers as also experienced specialists. Even if at this very moment there is no job offer you would be interested in, do not hesitate to send us your CV and describe briefly what values you are thinking of bringing into our team.